Stay at home. Lock the door. Turn off the lights. Whatever you do, there’s no escaping the frights and delights of Halloween. So join in our watch party streams, and try your best not to scream.

Introducing our first annual Stream and Scream festival – a month-long watch party series featuring awesome hosts and the spookiest shows and movies online. Watch all things horror in sync with celebrity hosts and fright fans like you.

Follow the official Stream and Scream profile on Scener to get notified about all the delightfully terrifying watch parties taking place throughout October.

We’re adding new watch party events every day, so keep an eye on the Stream and Scream profile, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date on every fearsome watch party to come.

Host your own horrific watch parties on Scener, and tag us on Twitter and Instagram! We’ll be featuring the best watch parties hosted by awesome Scener users like you all month long. So get started hosting spooky watch parties, and you may just find yourself featured on the Scener website.

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