Help with Scener

December 9, 6:45pm PST: Scener is experienced significant server load earlier and the website was not responding for some users. This issue has been resolved. Please email us if you are still having issues.

Thank you for using Scener! Scener lets you synchronize your viewing and interact with others while using the same streaming services you know and love.

Does everyone need an account to watch together?

Yes, everyone will need access to a Netflix account (or HBO or Disney) in order to watch. If they are already signed in, they will not need to sign in again.

How many people can watch together?

In a private room, up to 10 people can watch together and turn on their camera (or not). In a public room, up to 1 million people can join the live audience and participate in chat. You can add up to 5 co-hosts on camera.

I hear an echo!

Everyone must wear headphones with Scener if your microphones are turned on – otherwise you will hear the other person’s delayed movie audio.

My camera or microphone won’t turn on

First, quit Chrome (by pressing command+Q or ctrl+Q) and retry. Sometimes Chrome loses your webcam.

Second, you may have accidentally denied access to Scener for your camera or mic. Do this: type “chrome:settings” in to your browser toolbar above. Then search for “camera” and select “Site Settings”. Find “” and choose “Reset settings”. Then try to join a theater again.

The show or movie is not in sync with others

It is normal for someone in a theater to be 1 or 2 seconds off of others. If your show is playing but is more than a few seconds out of sync, try closing the playing browser window. It will re-open and attempt to re-sync.

Issues with VPNs or Firewalls

Scener requires certain open ports in order to communicate with others in the theater. If Scener is not working correctly, try disabling your VPN or Firewall (don’t forget to turn back on afterwards!).

If you were unable to find a solution please contact us at with some information about what went wrong. Some helpful details to include would be:

  • Operating system
  • What version of Chrome are you using?
  • What streaming service were you trying to use.
  • Chrome extensions or VPNs you are using
  • Screenshots of the page you are experiencing issues in.
  • The steps leading up to the issue.