Host Watch Parties on Scener

Here are a few tips for hosting awesome watch parties for your friends and followers!

Get the party started!

Click the “Host a watch party” button at the top-right of the Scener homepage to get started. From there, you can host a live public party for up to a million guests, start a private party for you and a group of friends, or schedule a watch party for later.

Inside the theater…

Once inside, you’ll see your camera and microphone controls. Be sure to get those squared away so your friends or audience can see you. You can toggle both your video and audio on or off at any time. The following “Select Service” screen allows you to pick a platform for your watch party from our huge selection of streaming services. Your watch party guests will automatically be synced up to whatever show or movie you select. Everyone in the theater will need a subscription to the streaming service that you choose.

NOTE: In a live public theater, your watch party guests won’t be able to see you or sync with your show until you flip the “LIVE” toggle ON.

Pass me the remote!

The remote controls play and pause functionalities for everyone in the watch party. The host is automatically given the remote at the beginning of the watch party. To pass the remote to someone else, click the remote control icon in your host video screen, and select a guest’s name.

NOTE: To pass the remote in a live public theater, you will first need to add a guest as a co-host, by clicking the “Add Co-Host” button in your host toolbar.

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

All good things must come to an end. When your watch party is over, you can exit the theater by clicking the “X” icon at the top-right of the Scener sidebar. In a live public theater, make sure to flip the “LIVE” toggle OFF before leaving the theater.

Here are a few tips for engaging the Scener community, and building a following along the way!

Create your profile

Let people know who you are, and what movies and shows you love! Keep your followers up to date on what you’re watching, and schedule upcoming watch parties right on your profile. When someone follows you, they’ll get notified when you have an upcoming public watch party.

Check out other hosts’ watch parties

Hop into the audience for watch parties across Scener to engage with the Scener community, get ideas for hosting fun and engaging watch parties, and meet new friends and followers. A great way to emerge as a rising host in the Scener community, is simply to become well-known to your fellow movie fans by attending watch parties and getting involved in the conversation.

Be consistent

Most hosts won’t have a million, a thousand, or even a hundred viewers show up to their first watch party. But that’s ok! If you consistently host the best watch parties around, word will quickly spread. The Scener team is always looking for the best new hosts to feature on the front page of Scener. If you are hosting fun watch parties consistently, there’s a great chance that we will take note!

Get creative

There are so many ways to engage with your audience as a watch party host. Remember that, as a host, your job is to make watching shows and movies together FUN! Interact with your audience, ask and answer questions, play games, and (most of all) create a fun and safe space for TV and movie fans from all over the world to come together over the shows and movies that you love.

Share to social media

Invite your friends and followers on your social media platforms to join you for a watch party, and follow you on Scener. Our party link and party code tools make it super easy to invite your friends and followers to come join the fun. Make a quick video showing off how much fun your watch parties are, or share the best moments with your social media followers.

Have fun!

At Scener, we believe that a shared fun experience is contagious. If you are having fun, your audience will too! Watch shows and movies that YOU love, and talk about things that get YOU excited. There are countless members of the Scener community that share your interests, and are obsessed with the same shows and movies that you are. Be a bold, confident, and fun host, and your audience will find you.